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Combination of Foot and Facial Reflexology

Karen’s reflexology treatments are exceptional and generate real positive shifts. Her holistic approach helped me achieve better wellbeing, energy, health, etc. She’s the best and helps others to be their best!

A London
Zone Face Lift

After one treatment - I have really noticed a difference even after one treatment, lower face & cheeks in particular look less saggy.
I'll look over my diary and be in touch.

H - London

Facial Reflexology

Good morning Karen, just wanted to say since the facial treatment you gave me I have been sleeping much better and feel more grounded. We didn't talk much so didn't mention I'd been going through an unsettling time and your intuition/instincts directed you well to work on my emotions/upper body! You have a very warm and giving personality which is the essence to a successful outcome for those of us on the receiving end.

Monica - Watford

Facial reflexology feedback

I’ve always been quite sceptical about “alternative” treatments, I’m certainly someone who really does need to stop from time to time, speeding through life juggling home, children and a demanding career, so when Karen suggested I try her facial reflexology I was slightly hesitant, however, I thought I owed it to myself to give it a go. Well, all I can say is that after a few minutes of chatting at the start of the session, I found myself unable to talk, lulled into a deeply relaxing state and total putty in Karen’s hands. The hour seemed like 10 minutes and after reluctantly peeling my relaxed body from the bed I felt extremely relaxed, something I haven’t felt for a long while. I’ll be going back and I perhaps this kind of treatment is just as important as regular exercise, mind, body and Soletosoul.
Thank you Karen.

Katie - London

I went to Karen during a very stressful period of my life, I was moving house and moving country in a very short period of time and as someone who suffers from stress related muscle pain, it was an extremely tense and painful time for me. Karen gave me a very much needed chance to relax and loosen my neck and back muscles; reflexology is not the first practice you would think of to help with back pain, but the treatment is so relaxing it definitely does help. I can also highly recommend the facial treatment - my eyes were 'de-puffed' for the first time in 20 or so years. I wish I had found Karen earlier, but I am glad that I did get a chance to have some treatments as they were very much appreciated...

Mary - Watford

Wow.. just wow!
This treatment was so incredibly relaxing, so much so I tried to walk out without paying you and backed my car into the wall when I got home - hahaha (no damage done).
It was way different from the feet reflexology - I had wondered about the pressure that would be applied to the face, but this was just right. Also my skin felt great after too - nice oil!
The following morning I did have a headache, so it could have been a release in energy blocks - or it could have been related to the migraines. You also said I was dehydrated (which again it could be related to), so have been making a conscious effort to drink more water.
All in all, I felt thoroughly relaxed and looked after in your presence - so thank you!!

D - Watford

"I can recommend this to anyone. Who would have thought that having your feet massaged could have such a dramatic effect on the rest of your body. I suffer from frozen shoulders and Karen got right in there and helped free things up. Amazingly at one point I was seeing flashing colours and drifted off into a psychedelic miasma. She is a a commensurate professional talking you through the therapy and putting you at ease. If you are like me I thought having my feet touched would have me leaping in the air, it couldn't be further from the truth, its a delight, fascinating and overall well worth the investment in time and money. Treat yourself or someone else, you wont regret it."

Paul - London

"Initially I was sceptical due to the fact I suffer from a long term progressive condition with no cure; NOT I stress from Karen's ability to deliver. I initially had two sessions close together followed by monthly maintenance. I can totally vouch for the fact that due to this, as I have not changed anything else in my life style; has made a huge difference in the quality of my life. I now feel more energised and able to lead a more normal life. The effects of stress on my body has dramatically been reduced through the reflexology. Karen has an intuitive ability of targeting areas that require therapy even before you have identified them! The therapy is given in a relaxing environment and always at convenient times for me. I can not advocate more the benefits this has had and continue to have. Thank you Karen"

M - Watford

I was one of Karen's trial clients as she went through her reflexology training, and I knew straight away that she was going to develop into a skilled practitioner. She has grown throughout that time and is not only able to give a thoroughly relaxing and insightful treatment but her analysis of underlying issues and problems is spot on. So I fully recommend her treatments - and will be continuing my regular appointments in the future.
Michael, London

Karen also known as Angel Hands - what an apt name. I really feel that when Karen is performing reflexology that my feet at worked on by hands of an Angel.

I have had reflexology by other therapists over the years but am so glad I've found Karen. I like the way she talks me through what she finds and feels and am amazed at how accurate she is to the ailments, however minor, I might be experiencing at that given time. I feel my well-being has improved since I have been having treatments and look forward to the next session each time
Kerry, Watford

I have been going to Karen at Soul to Soul for eight months. As someone who was initially sceptical about reflexology, I'm happy to say after my sessions with Karen I am now converted and convinced of the real physical and mental benefits it provides.

Not only does it give a great opportunity for me to relax, it's also had a really positive impact on my overall health and well being. I feel more energised, calmer and less stressed. I seem to recover quicker from any physical ailments, which Karen can usually pick up on before I do.

I would highly recommend a course of reflexology to anyone and more importantly I rate Karen's ability, technique and knowledge in this area.

It's always nice to be treated by an expert who loves what they do.

Sam, London

I tried for some time to find a reflexologist nearby where I live so when I came across Karen’s name I was delighted. Not only the treatments do wonders for my stress levels I also have the opportunity to relax and switch off for the time I go and see her. Having recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck I am also receiving treatment for this condition and have immediately noticed results.

Karen connects with her clients and creates a lovely environment in her practice room. I really enjoy every time I have a reflexology session I would thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy balanced body!

P, London

Sorry for the late reply been busy and tired. I found the treatment very relaxing thank you so much. I have not had so mu h sleep for a long time. I felt tired after the session and came home and slept. On the Sunday I slept for five hours in the afternoon which is very on like me. But Monday I felt very refreshed my feet felt better also.

B, London

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