Sole to Soul Reflexology and Zone Face Lift™
North West London and Watford

What to expect from your treatment

Your first appointment will include a consultation about your health and lifestyle, to understand any factors that may be effecting you. A treatment plan will then be arranged specifically to your needs. Karen will thoroughly explain the treatment to you and what to expect following your session. This is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have before the treatment starts.

The treatment is carried out using a variety of different techniques and pressures. Most clients do find the treatment very relaxing however in certain areas you may find some slight discomfort this would be down to areas showing congestion and will not last too long.

Normally a course of 4-6 consecutive appointments are suggested and then depending on the outcome every 3-4 weeks thereafter for foot reflexology. Natural facelift massage for the best results a course of 12 weekly appointments would be advisable although you should notice a difference within 6 weeks

After your treatment

In general most clients feel relaxed and peaceful after their treatment, however our bodies do react differently and you can experience some side effects. These tend to be minor issues including tiredness, flu like symptoms, headaches, this is normally down to the fact that the body is re-balancing..

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